On behalf of the middle school ELO class, Mural Painting, here are our ideas (some not quite finished) for the mural we are planning.

Click on the images to expand and read the explanations of the students' ideas - this is where you will also see the number for each one. Once you have decided which is your favorite, please click the corresponding number below to vote!

Please also feel free to leave a comment with additional thoughts or ideas. We will be looking at the results Monday afternoon, so the sooner you vote, the better! Thank you!


05/19/2013 5:47pm

I just like it and the painting would look awesome in the school

Mrs. Thomas
05/20/2013 3:08am

I enjoyed looking at the art work of WPCA students! You all should be very proud of your work! Ms. Stepnick what a wonderful idea to have the WPCA community vote. Thanks for the opportunity!

Ms. Boone
05/20/2013 5:34am

I love the thoughtfulness and creativity displayed by the artists. I look forward to seeing the end result. Wonderful work!

05/20/2013 12:58pm


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