Wow! Our hard work paid off and we are done with the beautiful mural at WPCA. Here are some photos of students standing next to the hand that they designed and painted.
Here is a view from the gym heading out into the main hallway. The mural was not finished at this point, but I couldn't resist this shot (the balloons are from the art fair). You can see there's also a mural from a few years back and, if your eyes are really good, you can see the 2nd grade giraffes hanging up in the hallway.
Time flies when you're teaching a mural painting class! Here's what we're up to so far, and believe it or not, we only have 2 full days left. 
During any down-time from the mural, the students have been working on hard-edge paintings as a side project. They learned about Robert Curry and also about tints and shades. Here are some finished paintings by 7th and 8th grade students:
Thanks to all of you who voted!

I am so proud of my students! Collaborating can be a difficult process at times, but we have agreed on a final idea and have begun to transfer our images onto our empty canvas - the school wall. It is so exciting! The end of the school year is moving quickly, so we'll be working hard and it's going to be great! Stay tuned for in-progress photos.

I would also like to thank Mr. Moore for his extremely generous donation of our entire supply of paint for the mural! 

On behalf of the middle school ELO class, Mural Painting, here are our ideas (some not quite finished) for the mural we are planning.

Click on the images to expand and read the explanations of the students' ideas - this is where you will also see the number for each one. Once you have decided which is your favorite, please click the corresponding number below to vote!

Please also feel free to leave a comment with additional thoughts or ideas. We will be looking at the results Monday afternoon, so the sooner you vote, the better! Thank you!