The kindergartener's self portraits were displayed at their graduation. Here are some pictures. Congratulations, kindergarteners!

Various End-Of-The-Year Artworks:

Here are some images of artwork that the kindergarteners were finishing up at the end of the year. This class worked on flower bouquets when I was teaching on a cart during testing. 
This class also was finishing up a sub plan lesson from a few weeks ago. 




Mrs. Jarrard's class had a little extra time to do an overlapping exercise. They traced squares and rectangles and discovered all of the new shapes that were created. They colored the spaces different colors and then cut out the group of shapes. Here are some that are finished:
Kindergarteners worked so hard on these! They will be proudly displayed at Kindergarten graduation! They are also posted on Artsonia's website. Here are a few from Mrs. Back's class:
Kindergarteners tried their hand with observational drawings. We used images of flowers. Some students used their finger to trace the shapes in the flowers before they drew them with pencil.
All of the finished fruit bowl paintings are now up on Artsonia! To have your child's artwork displayed on the Artsonia website, we need your permission. Information about this is on my main page and permission slips will also be sent home with your child.

The kindergartners have just begun working on their artwork for the art fair in June. Our inspiration came from reading Little Bird by Germano Zullo. It is a book with few words and a deep message. I was impressed by the students' understanding of the book. They are so bright!

You'll have to come by the art fair on June 13 to see the finished pieces!
We've been talking a lot about fruits and veggies in Kindergarten. We looked at Paul Cezanne's still life paintings and then drew and painted our own.
The kindergarteners just finished up their shape books right before the holiday break. Each day, they took one object and thought about the basic shapes they can use to draw it. They designed the cover and even practiced making knots to put their books together. 
After learning about Wassily Kandinsky, the kindergarteners have all been working hard and making concentric circles with oil pastels and paint. We even talked about concentric circles we can see in real life - the rings in a tree trunk that has been cut, the concentric circles of a half of an onion, and even the Target logo!