We are having a lot of fun making our masks. The students who have already finished their masks wrote their artist statements today. I am incredibly impressed by their thoughtfulness. I admit that I even had chills when reading some of them. Since I did not ask for their permission to post their artist statements, I am using the students' initials.

Here are just a few. I will add photos soon!

Name of Artwork: IMOM 
Name of Artist: P.H.

Artist Statement:
IMOM means in memory of Marland. Marland was originally from Africa and married a pastor. Together they came to Dewitt, MI and met me. They traveled all over the world and many people came to know Jesus. Marland and I bonded every time she came to see us. That's why it hurt me so bad when she died one September morning. I made this mask in memory of her because she was a very bright person.

Name of Artwork: Fox Spirit
Name of Artist: G.V.

Artist Statement:
I created a fox character named Richu and she wore a fox mask so I decided to use it. My first one would've been hard to shape and the other I honestly didn't like. When I painted her, I wanted her to be orange to be more cartoonish but added some designs to make it more cultural. I used simple colors so I don't complicate the painting. I enjoyed the creation and painting of it and I wouldn't change anything. Even the floppy ears. It makes the mask look alive. If a parade of festival relating to animals were in town, I'd so wear my mask.

Name of Artwork: The Happy Spirit
Name of Artist: K.R.

Artist Statement:
The Happy Spirit is an abstract mask representing a mask someone would wear to a festival or carnival. This mask would be worn for celebratory purposes or even to express happiness. This mask represents a happy care free spirit and also the sense of letting go and letting in happiness. The bright colors symbolize excitement and catches your eye. This mask can entertain people including children, and can also be viewed as mischievous or humorous. 



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