When the first graders finished their hat self portraits, they reflected on their artwork and wrote about it. I attached these slips to the back of each artwork. Here are some examples.
First graders looked at Wayne Thiebaud's delicious paintings and used oil pastel to draw their own. Here are some from Mrs. Chomas' class -- they're all up on Artsonia, too.




All of these hat self-portraits will be displayed at the 1st and 2nd grade musical, Hats! I will also put them up on Artsonia. Here are just a few from first grade:
The first graders have begun to work on their artwork for the art fair in June. We are using this painting by Austrian artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser as inspiration -- we definitely had fun using our German accent to pronounce his name! You'll have to come by the art fair on June 13 to see the finished pieces!

Time is flying by in the art room! After this project, we'll be working on artwork for the 1st and 2nd grade musical, Hats!
With one day left before our mid-winter break, and it being Valentine's Day, there was nothing else as perfect as learning about American pop artist Jim Dine. The first graders drew a grid and two hearts, then we colored in the hearts with warm colors and the background with cool colors.
We read "Little Owl Lost", which is a fun book by Chris Haughton - and I love his illustration style. Not only did we learn about how to draw an owl, we also talked about texture and practiced our ripping and glueing skills. We also learned about how our pupils change size when we're in different lighting conditions. Notice the owl with the large pupils -- so it can see at nighttime! 

I decided to use plain-colored paper for the backgrounds in the 1st grade class this week, and I really like that decision. 





The first graders learned about the Aztec Sun Calendar and used it as inspiration for their most recent artwork. Notice all of the different line and shape patterns that they used. Aren't they great?
The first graders talked about and drew all sorts of lines today. Then they painted in the shapes that were created from the intersecting lines.